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We are a debt relief agency under the United States Code. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Estate Planning, including Wills, General Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives (Living Wills), Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Life Estates, HIPAA Release Forms
  • Bankruptcy Administration for existing clients.

Legal Services We Currently Offer:

Ms. Panza is in the process of winding down her practice on the journey toward retirement and is no longer taking on new bankruptcy cases. If you are a current client and have questions about your case, please call us at (252) 672-8500.

We are still providing Estate Planning services.

Please Note:

The Law Office of Janice Joyner Panza will develop a relationship through case discovery in which we understand your individual circumstances and help guide you through the steps necessary to manage difficult legal situations.  Located in New Bern and open since 2000, we strive to serve the community with personalized service and knowledge of your case.

Schedule a free consultation to take the first step toward
estate planning.

To us, each client is an important, unique case.  Our mission is to assist individuals and families in circumstances that may seem overwhelming when it comes to bankruptcies and estates.  Let us help you change your future.