Debts and Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, creditors must halt all efforts to collect money from you, at least temporarily. That means no more threatening letters, no more calls, no more lawsuits once you have filed.  Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure on your home, repossession of property, and garnishment of your wages.


Bankruptcy cancels many, but not all types of debt. It will not clear most debt such as:
  • Student loans
  • Government debt including taxes under 3 years old, fines, and penalties
  • Child support and alimony
  • Items purchased within 90 days of filing bankruptcy
We are a debt relief agency under the United States Code. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Book a free consultation to determine if bankruptcy might be right for you.

There are countless reasons people end up in debt and feel they have no way out. The constant phone calls and letters from creditors can make things seem completely hopeless.  Growing debt is haunting and stressful, but bankruptcy can provide relief by helping manage and reduce debt.

Each case is unique, and we can examine your situation together to determine if banktruptcy is right for you, building a path towards relief.

Types of Bankruptcy

Has the Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 devastated your finances?

Are you struggling to make payments as they come due?

Have you lost your job?

Has a work accident put you on disability?

Are you scared you might lose your home?

Are your finances in the red, month after month?

Different chapters of bankruptcy allow discharge of debts in different ways.  We will help you determine what is right for your situation.

Chapter 7: A court-appointed Trustee identifies potential assets that may be sold to pay unsecured debts.  In most cases, however, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows a debtor to keep all of their property and belongings while eliminating debts.

Chapter 13: Our team develops a repayment plan approved by the court to reduce and restructure some debts based on the debtor's ability to pay.  At least a portion of the amount owed to Creditors will be paid through the Trustee. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is especially helpful if you want to keep your car and/or home and are behind on payments.